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Balatonszárszó is a resort place with family atmosphere in the southern shore of the Lake Balaton.

The family houses from the last century , the old folk houses and the church have historical aspects determine the atmosphere of the settlement. A meeting in 1943 in Balatonszárszó is an important event in the Hungarian history, namely tragic death of the famous Hungarian poet – Attila József – belongs closely to the past of the village. In the park in the shore of the Lake, there is a monument to a memory of the poet and the house the last home of him. Today it is a museum devoted to the memory of the poet. there is a serious tradition of love for the literature and poetry recital in this settlement. On 70th anniversary of death of Attila József a literature, musical and art festival was started called Week of the Musical Poets. Another important program in Szárszó is the Summer in Szárszó a chain of various cultural events. In the background of the above mentioned cultural programmes we have the Hungarian Sea that provides wide-ranging possibilities for the water sports. All the three beaches in Szárszó are free of charge. In the weekends animators provide programmes to the children. In Szárszó all members of the family can find the chance for the relaxation and the best programs, too. The short sandy beach in the central beach of the village is especially favourable to the families with small children.


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