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Gentry country-houses and school museum, good wine, nice view of the Lake Balaton, preserving the traditions, country-like hospitality – they are Kötcse. This settlement is located 9 km far from the south shore of Lake Balaton in the hilly area of Outer-Somogy district.

Here is one of the highest geographical points in the region called Csillagó-hegy from where a nice view can be enjoyed to the Lake Balaton. It has been inhabited even since the ancient times. Its name is mentioned first in 1229 in a document issued by King Endre the Second. An important event – and determinant on its history – was when German people were settled here. They brought their traditions and customs. Today there is only one feast of German origin celebrated in Kötcse: the Kerbájt (Kichweich) anniversary of consecration of the church. it has been commemorated since 1798. Due to the German colonists grape and wine culture has developed much in this district. There are good grape varieties grown in the loess soil providing wines of excellent quality. The wine cellars with their atmosphere reminding of the ancient times offer you good tastes.


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