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Szántód is located in the northern part of Somogy County in the southern shore of the Lake Balaton and opposite to Tihany Penincsula.

It is called northern gate of Somogy County because of the harbour in Szántód. The neighbouring villages are Zamárdi in the east, Kőröshegy in the south and Balatonföldvár in the west. The settlement has been built up together with these villages. It is bordering on Tihany Peninsula in the north. Besides the ferry boat there is a great farm-building complex, called Szántódpuszta. It is an 18-19th century unmatched historic ensemble manor. The thirty original condition building retains the image of a 150-200 years ago grange. Among the sights of Saint Christopher the protective saint of the traders and the historical building of ferry-inn. On the wall of the ferry-inn hangs a bronze picture of Csokonai Vitéz Mihály a famous Hungarian poet.


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