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The baroque church, built under supervision of abbot Ágoston Lécs, is 46m long, 16m wide and has two towers of 34.5m height which puts it among the medium-sized churches of Hungary. Its interior decoration was constructed by wood-carver and cabinet-maker Sebastion Stulhoff between 1754 and 1779.

The furnishings and the gilded wooden sculptures are excellent pieces of the Central European baroque art, just as the frescos painted by Károly Lotz, Bertalan Székely, Lajos Deák-Ébner during the restoration works in 1889-1890. The interior was fully restored by 1996, after the church was returned to the Benedictine Abbey in 1994. The inner restoration of the church (frescos, altars, etc.) began 1992 and ended four years later. 1996 marks the start of an all-around restoration of the monastery. The friary, built simultaneously with the church, houses the Benedictine Abbey Museum. The single-storey square building connects to the south wall of the church, its wings encompassing a square inner court. Between October 26- 31, 1921 the friary also gave home to the last monarch of Hungary, King Karl Habsburg 4 th and Queen Zita when they were interned to the premises of the abbey by the Entente Powers prior to being exiled to the Island of Madeira. The abbey celebrated its 950 th jubilee in 2005. It is host to concerts in the summer and exhibitions and cultural programs over the rest of the year. The museum regularly offers seasonal exhibitions.

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