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In the footsteps of leader Koppány

In the footsteps of leader Koppány

Length: 14.91 km
Timespan: 3:00:00
Difficulty:  8
Surface quality: Dirt: 80% (11.93 km); Gravel: 10% (1.49 km); Asphalt: 10% (1.49 km)
Months: All year round
Tags: Mountain Bike Tour, South Balaton, Bicycle

Balatonföldvár - Nezdepuszta – Szólád túra

One road leads from Balatonföldvár with the red (L) ruin trekking sign to Nezdepuszta through the Parkerdő (Parkforest - Balatonföldvár). It is recommended only for extreme bicycle riders or as a trekking tour. Who takes this route won’t be disappointed the view is spectacular.

It starts in Balatonföldvár, at Magaspart (Highshore). When we reach Parkerdő we find ourselves in a very calm forest only with the nature, then we walk parallel with the highway few hundred meters, but then again we find ourselves in the forest. We keep walking or riding bicycle on the red trekking route next to fenced area where we can see sometimes wild animals as deers, wild pig, rabbit etc. Soon we arrive to the Scythian Golgotha memorial park. The local legend says, that Koppány (the great Hungarian leader, whose body was divided by 4 after his death, according the accurate history) was lying here in one piece, and his soul was still wandering here. We finish our tour at the center of Szólád after we visit the European Priced loess cellars.

The closest – to the start

-bus stop: Balatonföldvár, központi autóbusz-váróterem

-railway station:Balatonföldvár

The closest – to the end

-bus stop: Szólád, községháza

-railway station:Balatonszárszó

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