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Lake Balaton Minor round tour from Keszthely

Lake Balaton Minor round tour from Keszthely

Length: 65.23 km
Difficulty:  5
Surface quality: Other: 100% (65.23 km)
Months: All year round
Tags: West Balaton, Road Cycling Tour, Bicycle

Highlights on the way:

1. Bird ringing station, Keszthely-Fenékpuszta – The bird ringing station and bird clinic operating all year round offers a pleasant program for lovers of nature. A bird eggs and nest collection can be found in the building of the railway station.
2. ’Talpas’ (country) House, Fire house, Vörs – The only remained country house in the Small Balaton area. It displays the tools of folk fishing and life style of people living in wetland. It can be visited in summer time. The exhibition of ’Fire protection at the turn of the century’ can be found in the Fire house.
3. Buffalo reservation, Kápolnapuszta – The biggest water buffalo herd in Hungary can be found in Kápolnapuszta. Get more information about the buffalos and the reservation here.
4. Trail of the Kányavár Island – The island can be reached through a special wood bridge. Walking along the trail useful infomration get be got about the avifauna and world of bats of the Small Balaton area.
5. Bird watch and lookout tower – The bird watch situated by the bike road and the close lookout tower give good opportunity to observe the rich avifauna of the Small Balaton region.
6. Small Balaton House, Zalavár – The visitors’ house displays the the wild life and the local history of the Small Balaton as well as the results of archeological researches. The Cyrill and Methodius Memorial can be found close to the building.
7. Ruins of Récéskút basilica, Zalavár – The remains of an early Slavic church was found under the ruins of the 9th century basilica. It is situated close to the Small Balaton House and can be reached from the road which connects Zalavár and Zalaszabar.
8. Festetics Bath, Hévíz – The imposing bath house famous for its various medical treatments can be found at the end of the Keszthely – Hévíz bike route. Read more here.

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