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Tour beyond the biggest Hungarian viaduct

Tour beyond the biggest Hungarian viaduct

Length: 20.64 km
Timespan: 2:06:00
Surface quality: Dirt: 50% (10.32 km); Asphalt: 50% (10.32 km)
Months: All year round
Tags: South Balaton, Bicycle, Mountain Bike Tour

Kőröshegy - Bálványos - Pusztaszemes – Kőröshegy

During this tour we will see Hungary’s biggest viaduct from above, from under and from any kind of side. It is suggested to choose the appropriate bicycle for this tour, because long part of it leads on dirt road. The tour leads trough Bálványos, Pusztaszemes and Kerki. First part of the trip we climb up to Boroc-hill where we reach the level of the viaduct. On a long road we arrive to the dead-end village, to Bálványos. One of its interesting points is the Transylvanian gate (székelykapu). The village is famous about its hospitality, real village-folk style family houses, churches and the traditional events. We follow the green line trekking route to Pusztaszemes, where we can find the origin of Jába-brook, what is the south Balaton water divider line. From Pusztaszemes trough Kereki and under the viaduct we arrive back to our start point.

The closest – to the start

-bus stop:Kőröshegy, Muskátli V.

-railway station:Balatonföldvár/Szántód-Kőröshegy

The closest – to the end

-bus stop: same as start

-railway station:same as start

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