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Festetics memorial tour

Festetics memorial tour

Length: 42.58 km
Difficulty:  1
Surface quality: Other: 100% (42.58 km)
Months: All year round
Tags: Bicycle, West Balaton, Road Cycling Tour

Highlights on the way:

1. Festetics Palace – The huge baroque palace known as a symbol of Keszthely was home of the Festetics family for two centuries. Now the building complex gives home for several exhibitions about which get more information here.
2. ’Festetics Imre’ Animal Park, Keszthely – The animal park shows native Hungarian animals, Hungarian canins és domestic animals. Petting zoo and playground are at disposal.
3. Nagymező (’Great Meadow’) and Festetics lookout tower – The Nagymező is a popular centre for trips and hikings in the Keszthely Hills. The three-storeyed Festetics lookout tower can be reached from here where a wonderful view can be the Keszthely bay and Keszthely Hills. Read more here.
4. Balaton Musuem – The oldest musuem of Lake Balaton displays the history, as well as the natural and ethnographical characteristics of the lake and its vicinity. There are exciting periodical exhibitions all year round. Read more here.
5. Georgikon Manor Musuem – The former farm of the University of Georgikon is a museum today that shows a rich collection of argicultural tools and machines. It awaits the visitors with workshops as well as educational exhibitions of agricultural history and ethnography. Read more here
6. Festetics Helikon Tavern – The former press house of the Festetics family is a restaurant and musuem today. The exhibition displays a thematic collection of winery and gastronomy. Read more here.
7. Black Pine alley, Keszthely – The alley connecting Keszthely with Fenékpuszta was planted in 1880 by Duke Tasziló II. Festetics and his wife Mary Hamilton. We used to ride, now we pedal here!
8. Festetics Bath, Hévíz – The imposing bath house famous for its various medical treatments can be found at the end of the Keszthely – Hévíz bike route. Read more here.

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