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Tour of the Keszthely Hills

Tour of the Keszthely Hills

Length: 46.62 km
Difficulty:  10
Surface quality: Other: 100% (46.62 km)
Months: All year round
Tags: Bicycle, West Balaton, Road Cycling Tour

Highlights on the way:

1. Festetics Palace – The huge baroque palace known as a symbol of Keszthely was home of the Festetics family for two centuries. Now the building complex gives home for several exhibitions about which get more information here.
2. Castle of Rezi – The former stone castle was built in the 1300’ on the highest peak of the region from where the whole surroundings can be enjoyed. It’s a great tour destination. Read more here.
3. Buddhist stupa, Zalaszántó – The biggest Buddhist shrine of Central Europe can be found 2 km far from the centre of the village. The trail of ’Kovácsi’ Hill begins here.
4. Basalt corridor, Vindornyaszőlős – The 200 m long basalt corridor of the ’Kovácsi’ Hill is a unique geological phenomenon in which dwellings-like caves and rifts
5. ’Vindornya’ marshland – The major part of the peat bog is a nature reserve. The ’Vidra’ (otter) trail runs through it. Along the trail there is a lookout tower as well.
6. Hévíz Bath – The largest natural thermal lake of Europe can be visited all year round. Its world fame is thanked to its water that is especcially good for reumatical and musculoskeletal diseases. A wide range of therapy is based on the healing water. Read more here.

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