Route profile

Balaton tour A

Balaton tour A

Length: 34.06 km
Difficulty:  1
Surface quality: Asphalt: 100% (34.06 km)
Months: April, May, June, July, August, September, October
Tags: Road Cycling Tour, Shipping, Bicycle, West Balaton

Highlights on the way:

1. Bath Island, Keszthely
– The curiosity of the Town Beach is the round shaped bathing island that is the only remained one around Lake Balaton. More information are here.
2. Eco Adventure Park, Gyenesdiás – The adventure park can be reached from the Gyenes Lido beach. There are courses for kids, juniors and adults. More information are here.
3. St. Michael chapel, Vonyarcvashegy – The shape of the white and protected chapel standing on the top of a lakeside hill catches the eyes from far. From here the beautiful view of the Keszthely Hills and the Lake Balaton can be admired. Further information are here.
4. Bird ringing station, Keszthely-Fenékpuszta – The bird ringing station and bird clinic operating all year round offers a pleasant program for lovers of nature. A bird eggs and nest collection can be found in the building of the railway station. More information are here.

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