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In the footsteps of Cikó castellan

In the footsteps of Cikó castellan

Length: 10.2 km
Surface quality: Other: 100% (10.2 km)
Months: All year round
Tags: South Balaton, Family-friendly

From Balatonföldvár to Kereki Fejérkő castle ruins

We can find Kereki 7 km from the southern shore of Lake Balaton, in the Kőröshegy-Pusztaszemes valley. The irregular, ellipse-shaped ruins can be found at the southwestern part of the village, on the peak of the 283 m high castle hill.

Most of the castle was built from bricks. Long time ago the entrance of the castle was a wooden bridge above the 6 meters deep and 7 meters wide moat.

It is easy to access to the village by car, by bike, or by bus, but even on foot, because there is a designated trekking route.

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